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Urgent Help Needed!

Roxy had an accident and we need help covering his large vet bill

We urgently need your help. Roxy, a wonderful 21 year old Blue and Gold Macaw, has just undergone surgery for a broken leg. Only through this surgery was it discovered that he had suffered a major break in his knee years before that was left untreated to heal on its own. Something no animal should suffer. This past break most likely left him vulnerable to further injury, which occurred last week.

This is the first time in the history of our sanctuary that we are making a plea for help with specific vet costs. We do not know what transpired in Roxys life prior to being relinquished but he certainly deserves to have full medical care now. The operation went well, at The Link Rd Animal and Bird Clinic, and Roxy is now recuperating at a volunteer’s home.

We have invested so much time in caring for Roxy so that he would trust people again. Like any parrot he deserves a loving home. Please help us cover the large costs of his surgical care (to date $4,336.77) and the continuing costs in his recovery. Roxy needs constant attention through the day right now to maintain his care. We continue to love him during his convalescence and to motivate his recovery. We appreciate donations being made here to go specifically to Roxys care.

Roxy and all the volunteers at The Parrot Sanctuary Canada thank you with all of our hearts. Thank you for your generosity Roxy is one more step closer to having his own loving family and home.

So far we have raised $1427.28, which is almost a third of our target of $4336.77. We are so grateful for your support!

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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