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How to Adopt a Parrot

Thank you for expressing interest in adopting a bird from the Parrot Sanctuary. This is a serious commitment for you, your family and for the Parrot Sanctuary. We hope that this relationship will endure for many years into the future.

When adopting a bird, please understand you are accepting the honor of continuing to provide for a bird truly in need of a nurturing, caring and committed environment. You become an integral part of the Parrot Sanctuary and its goal to provide a better life for companion and captive parrots. Our adoption procedure is designed to be in the bird’s best interest, and we appreciate your patience with this process. Our relationship with you is important to us, and we depend upon your support now, as well as in the future to improve the lives of all parrots.

Application Process

There are a few hoops that you are going to jump through (but don’t worry, we’ll be jumping with you).

  1. Adoption Fees - please see our guide so there are no surprises. All of our parrots have been fully vetted and cared for.
  2. Parrots Available - please get to know the birds we have that are ready for adoption. We will be happy to discuss the ones that you are interested in.
  3. Apply (inc. $25 application fee)
  4. Sign-up & attend the Phoenix Landing online pre-adoption course (such as “No Place Like Home” Click here to view Phoenix Landing courses.
  5. Adoption Interview (in place of traditional in-person home visit due to Covid-19 protocols)
  6. Find a Match: Three in-person visits with the potential adoptee parrot(s), downtown Toronto (following Covid-19 protocols)
  7. Get your Home Ready (inc. cage, food, know your vet etc..)
  8. Bring your new companion home.

Adoption Fees

In order to process your application, there is a $25 Application Fee for each bird regardless of size. If you are submitting an application for a bonded pair (two birds) the fee is $40. In addition, there will be an adoption fee (with a guide below, although the exact cost will be made clear to you after your application is received). Your Application Fee is non-refundable. If your application is approved, the Application Fee will be applied to the Adoption Fee.

The following list is a guide only - fees are decided individually for each bird and may fall outside the listed range.

  • Small-sized Parrots (Budgies, Cockatiels , Lovebirds, Conures): $75 to $300
  • Medium-sized Parrots (Pionus, Quakers): $300 to $600
  • Large-sized Parrots (Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws): $600 and up

Parrots Available For Adoption

Click here to view our adoptable parrots.

Start Your Application

Please read the Adoption Application before submitting it. There are important terms and conditions which you will need to agree to. Once you have submitted your application, you will be direct to a PayPal site to pay your $25 Application Fee. (Your Application cannot be processed or discussed until this fee is paid. We appreciate your understanding.) Your application will be processed as fast as we can, but please understand it may take a week or more.

Pheonix Landing Adoption Course

We are working with Pheonix Landing, another great Parrot group working across the USA, to offer there online courses to people before they bring home a new companion parrot. Please see their list of upcoming courses, and sign up for one that “satisfies their adoption process”, like their “No Place Like Home” course.