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How to Adopt a Parrot

Thank you for expressing interest in adopting a bird from the Parrot Sanctuary. This is a serious commitment for you, your family and for the Parrot Sanctuary. We hope that this relationship will endure for many years into the future.

Adopting a parrot through our adoption program involves eight basic steps. These steps are listed below. Please have a look at our frequently asked questions. Once you have read our FAQs, we welcome further questions that you may have.

Applying to adopt a parrot means that you respect the time and care we have given each parrot. Adopting means a commitment to providing a nurturing, caring and enriched environment for your new companion.

Owners relinquish their parrots for a variety of reasons. Many of the birds have come to us from difficult backgrounds, and are in need of rehabilitation before they can be a new companion. Many come from a neglectful or uninformed environment. Most often the parrots that we have for adoption were well-loved companions. When faced with the difficult choice to rehome their beloved parrot, families are often heartbroken. When we accept the responsibility of rehoming a parrot, we commit to find a new family that will offer them the best care possible.

Adopting means that you will become an integral part of The Parrot Sanctuary and its goal to provide a better life for companion parrots. We design our adoption procedure in the best interest of the bird, but also to support the new family. We maintain a high level of care for all our parrots. This includes veterinarian visits and many, many hours of specialized attention.

Our relationship with you is important to us. We depend upon your support to improve the lives of these parrots. We appreciate your patience with this process.

Application Process

  1. Parrots Available -Click Here to get to know the birds that are ready for adoption. We will be happy to discuss the ones of interest to you.
  2. Sign-up and complete the Phoenix Landing online pre-adoption course “No Place Like Home” Click Here to view Phoenix Landing courses.
  3. Adoption Fees - please see our guide so there are no surprises. All of our parrots have been fully vetted and cared for.
  4. Please fill out our adoption application, available Here.
  5. Complete a virtual Adoption Interview with us. Currently we are hosting virtual meetings, in place of a traditional in-person home visit, due to Covid-19 protocols.
  6. Meet the bird(s) to confirm they’re a good match. Our adoption coordinator will arrange three in-person visits with the potential parrot(s) in downtown Toronto (following Covid-19 protocols).
  7. Get your home ready. Ensure a cage, food, and supplies are ready to welcome your parrot home. Get to know your avian vet(s) and arrange for the transfer of veterinary records.
  8. Pay adoption fees.
  9. Welcome your new companion home!

We offer post-adoption support meetings to ensure both you and your new family member are happy and thriving. The purpose of these is to support you and your bird. A great time to ask any questions and ensure you build a solid foundation for a happy, healthy relationship with your parrot. Of course, if you have questions or concerns between scheduled follow-ups, please reach out any time. No question is too small.

Post-adoption interview schedule:
  • 24 hours - in-person or virtual
  • Seven days - in person or virtual
  • 14 days - in-person or virtual
  • 30 days - by phone or email
  • One year - by phone or email

Adoption Fees

The Parrot Sanctuary does require an adoption fee.

Our adoption fees vary, depending on the individual bird's general health and age.

Adoption fees allow us to sustain our adoption program and services. The adoption fee is your way of "paying it forward" so that we may continue to help parrots in need.

The following list is a guide only - fees are decided individually for each bird and may fall outside the listed range.

The following list is a guide only - fees are decided individually for each bird and may fall outside the listed range.

  • Parakeets (Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds) $90 to $250
  • Small Parrots (Conures, Quakers): $350 to $600
  • Medium Parrots (Pionus, Senegal): $600 to $900
  • Large Parrots (African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos): $800 and up
  • Extra Large (Macaw) $1,000 and up
  • Special needs birds of all sizes that require extra care may have a reduced fee

Parrots Available For Adoption

Click here to view our adoptable parrots.

Start Your Application

Please read the Adoption Application before submitting it. Your application will be processed as fast as possible, but please understand that it can take some time to review.

Pheonix Landing Adoption Course

Phoenix Landing has generously offered their course “No Place Like Home” for us to use as a pre-adoption course. Please see their list of upcoming courses , and sign up for “No Place Like Home” course.

Phoenix Landing is a resourceful and generous Parrot group working across the USA. Before bringing home a new companion parrot, they offer their online courses to individuals looking for trustworthy resources. They offer many courses and resources to help you learn about your new parrot, and we encourage you to learn from their wealth of knowledge.