About Us

Parrot Sanctuary Canada

The Parrot Sanctuary is registered as a not-for-profit organization under the name of "Sammy and Oscar’s Parrot Sanctuary". It is named after the first birds that we took in, back in 2004. You can find us in this public list of Ontario not-for-profits.

Today, the Parrot Sanctuary is a parrot rescue, sanctuary and educational care centre, located in Toronto, Canada. We are a registered Not For Profit corporation.

Our mission is to improve the well being of companion parrots, for the benefit of both the birds and their humans.

We are a volunteer-based, registered non-profit organization.

Our goal is to help people provide a stimulating and healthy life for their companion parrots, in their home. When the parrots are not able to stay in their current home, we work to find a new home for them. Our service goals include:

  • helping parrot owners, who may feel overwhelmed
  • supporting people to learn about healthy and positive parrot care, through education and resources
  • rescue, rehabilitate and rehome parrots to qualified loving homes when possible
  • providing a permanent home to birds in need of sanctuary

Given the demands on our limited budget and volunteer team for proper vet care, nutrition, and accommodation, we are unable to take in all of the “unwanted” parrots that people approach us with. We do our best to help them keep their birds, and/or find alternatives.

Our facility is not open to the public, but may be visited by appointment and donation.

Donations may be made here, and are gratefully appreciated