The Parrot Sanctuary

These are the birds that aren't quite ready to be adopted. Sponsor them to help with their rehabilitation! For example a $35 dollar donation covers food and enrichment for a parrot at the sanctuary for one month

Choose the bird you’d like to sponsor from the list below. Next, click the PayPal icon below to make a donation via PayPal. Then Contact Us to let us know who you would like to sponsor and how you would like to be acknowledged on our social media (link here) or if you prefer to remain anonymous. If you prefer not to use Paypal, please don't hesitate to Contact Us for direct donation options.

Thank you for helping Parrots in need! ❤️

Sponsor Quincy
Sponsor Bonnie
Sponsor Merlin
Sponsor Bailey
Sponsor Sophia and Jewel
Sponsor Greenie
Sponsor Plato
Sponsor Freddie
Sponsor Sequoia
Sponsor Bowie
Sponsor Lady Galah
Sponsor Kiko