Smokey & Cheeki

Moustache Parakeet and Green Cheek Conure

Smokey and Cheeki's Profile

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  • Name: Smokey (moustache parakeet) and Cheeki (green cheek conure)
  • Species: Moustache Parakeet and Green Cheek Conure
  • Age: exact ages unknown but both birds are young
  • Health status: both Smokey and Cheeki have no known health concerns, Smokey does occasionally require some beak trimming from his veterinarian.
  • Flighted: Yes, both birds fly extremely well and enjoying flying and excercising. They make great use of hanging play areas, swings, and boings. They need a home to at commits to keeping them flighted and providing a safe area for them to fly daily.
  • Well socialized: Yes, they are both well socialized and friendly. Smokey is always eager to meet new people and loves to fly to shoulders and heads. He can be insistent about being on his chosen person so working with him to ensure he is gentle about it is important. Cheeki is more reserved and takes time to warm up to new people. Once used to them she is friendly and happy for shoulder rides and head scratches.

  • Good with other birds: Yes, both Smokey and Cheeki are easy going and live well in a community of similar sized birds. They willingly share out of cage perches and play areas. They are fearless about landing on other birds cages and extra care should be taken if they are living with birds larger than them.
  • Other Pets: Both Smokey and Cheeki fly and like to explore the floor. They are best suited to a home with no cats, dogs or other predatory species.
  • Good with kids: Smokey and Cheeki haven’t had recent experience with young children. They are both friendly and outgoing birds and would be fine with older children however the can be eager to land on people and should be well supervised with younger children.
  • Diet: Both Smokey and Cheeki eat a diet of pellets, some healthy seeds and grains, nuts, cooked foods, fruit and veggies. That will happily eat just about anything offered and their current favourites are peanuts, almonds and grapes.
  • Bio: Smokey and Cheeki are happy, outgoing and cheerful birds. They would love an active home with a family that has plenty of time for play and excercise. They would live easily with other birds or as the only two in the home. Smokey can be a little insistent about shoulders so a home that is understanding, patient and not fearful if he gets overstimulated would be ideal. They are sweet birds who are looking for a family where they will get plenty of enrichment, love and attention. They. Annoy be separated and must be adopted together.