Blue Head Pionus

Kosmo's Profile

I'm ready for adoption!
  • Name: Kosmo
  • Species: Blue Head Pionus
  • Age: Unknown
  • Sex: Male
  • Health status: No known health concerns, however he does require regular beak trims from his veterinarian/
  • Flighted: Kosmo is an avid and excellent flier, who enjoys spending the majority of his day playing above his cage. He requires a safe high space to hang out such a a net or boing hung up high. Kosmo needs a family that commits to keeping him flighted and providing space and varried areas for him to fly and play.
  • Well socialized: Yes, however Kosmo can be shy with new people. He loves nuts and will take a treat gently right away, but he can take time to feel confident enough to allow more hands on interaction. Once Kosmo get to know someone he enjoys headscratches and cuddles, and he especially loves bathtime.

  • Good with other birds: Yes, he is used to living with birds of all different sizes and is a gentle and friendly fellow. He does like to land on different cages so should be supervised when interacting with other birds.
  • Other Pets: Kosmo has not lived with non bird family members and so would need a home that can keep him separate from large dogs, cats or other predator species for his safety.
  • Good with kids: Kosmo doesn’t have recent experience with children. He would likely do well with older kids, very young children should be well supervised when around him so as not to cause him any stress.
  • Diet: Kosmo loves to eat! He enjoys a healthy diet of pellets, seeds, nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables and some cooked foods. His favorites at the moment are peanuts, grapes and dry pasta.
  • Bio: Kosmo is a sweet and engaging bird who would thrive in a home with plenty of time to spend with him, hanging out together. He does have good independent play skills and would enjoy a home where his people are around a lot, but are also willing to give him some space to do his own thing. He’d love a home with some other bird friends to keep him company when his family is away from home, especially if they are gone during the day. He can get stressed by change in routine or very busy environments and so would prefer a mellow relaxed home with a regular schedule. He can be loud on occasion so a home where noise is not a concern is required. Kosmo is a wonderful guy with so much love to give for the right family.