African Grey

Honey's Profile

I'm ready to be adopted!
  • Name: Honey
  • Species: African Grey
  • Age: 10
  • Sex: Female
  • Health status: No known health concerns however she has one slightly crooked toe
  • Flighted: Not at the moment. Honey is currently missing her flight feathers on one side and so cannot fly. We hope with her next molt these feather will grow in and so she may become flighted in time
  • Well socialized: Yes, Honey is a sweet if timid girl, but enjoys talking and hanging out with people when they are quiet and calm. She likes head scratches and gentle cuddles with people she knows well and is confident with. She would prefer to remain on her perch rather than on a person. She loves toys, especially crunchy wooden ones and fluffy paper ones.

  • Good with other birds: Yes, Honey is gentle and mild mannered and does well with other birds who are easy going and gentle with her. She willingly shares the top of her cage with others as long as they keep a respectful distance
  • Other Pets: Honey has no experience with non bird family members and so would prefer a home without rambunctious or overly interested dogs or cats
  • Good with kids: Honey hasn’t had experience with children in many years, and has none with small children. She likely would do well with older kids as long as they are calm and respect her space.
  • Diet: Honey has some strong feelings about food! She eats her pellets well and some seeds and nuts. She is still learning to taste different fresh foods but does enjoy fruit. Her favorites at the moment are grapes, dry pasta and sunflower seeds.
  • Bio: Honey is a sweet and well behaved girl. She’s developed some feather destructive behaviors due to changes in her previous family. She is slowly learning alternate ways to cope with changes but would thrive in a quiet and calm home with a stable routine, and with a family that has plenty of quiet time to spend with her. She will sit happily on top of her cage or a play area, and although she is quiet most of the time she does know words in several languages! Her ideal family are calm and supportive, able to provide her with plenty of activities to help keep her busy, and are willing to take their time in allowing her to regain her confidence and her feathers in a low pressure and understanding way.