Fred & Kiss's Profile

We've been adopted!
  • Name: Fred & Kiss
  • Species: Dusky Conure (Fred) and Green Cheek Conure (Kiss)
  • Age: Fred 15+ (exact age unknown), Kiss ~10
  • Sex: Both female
  • Health status: Fred has some age-related feather loss on her head, but this causes her no issues. Kiss has no known health concerns.
  • Flighted: Both Fred and Kiss fly well and need a home that commits to keeping them flighted and providing a safe space to fly daily.
  • Well socialized: Yes, both Fred and Kiss are confident and friendly, although Fred may take longer to warm up to new people. Kiss can be demanding about interacting and needs a family that will be understanding when she gets overstimulated. Fred prefers more hands-off hangouts, while Kiss is a cuddler. Both ladies enjoy seeing the world from your shoulder or the top of your head.

  • Good with other birds: Yes. Fred and Kiss get along well with others. As a bonded pair, they can be protective of their cage and each other, so they require supervision when out as part of a group. They would be happy in a home with or without additional small, gentle, or independent birds.
  • Other Pets: Fred and Kiss are small but fearless! They require a home without dogs, cats or other animals that may pose a risk to their safety.
  • Good with kids: Yes. Fred and Kiss are cheerful and outgoing but require supervision when interacting with young children.
  • Diet: Fred and Kiss both eat a healthy variety of pellets, seeds, nuts and fresh foods. Fred likes fresh fruit best while Kiss prefers nuts and seeds. Both ladies love peanuts
  • Bio: Fred and Kiss are a bonded pair who must be adopted together. They keep each other company and would do well in either an active or more relaxed household, as long as they are provided with plenty of time to exercise and explore out of their cage. Kiss has laid (non-fertile) eggs in the past, and although she has yet to have any interest in sitting on them, they do need a family who understands the commitment to keeping her happy and healthy if she lays eggs again in the future. They would love a family that wants to enjoy their endless antics as much as they do!