Floofy's Profile

I'm not quite ready for adoption

  • Name: Floofy
  • Species: Blue Peach-faced Lovebird
  • Age: Unknown
  • Sex: Unknown
  • Health status: No known health concerns
  • Good with kids: Unknown
  • Good with other birds: He gets along well with other birds.
  • Well socialized: Yes, he easily goes to anyone who has his favorite treat shelled sunflower seeds and enjoys spending time with people.
  • Floofy is currently undergoing rehabilitation to get him back up to an adoptable weight.
  • Additional considerations: Floofy chronically plucks his chest and tail feathers; this does not negatively affect his ability to get around.
  • Bio: My name is Floofy, my human friends at the Parrot Sanctuary would describe me as being a friendly, happy, and curious bird. I enjoy hanging out with other birds and humans, but I also really like exploring and doing my own thing. I would like it if you could set up lots of natural shreddable items for me to explore, tear, collect and forage for sunflowers in. You may have noticed that I do not have a tail, I like myself this way and will probably stick with this look. When I find fancy paper strips I really like I show them off dressing up my bare bottom. I enjoy taking baths in a big dish of shallow water. If you splash your hand and fingers around in the water too then, we can both have fun. My only favourite treat is shelled sunflowers so don’t overindulge me even if I beg.

    I need someone who will be kind, gentle, respectful, and patient with me. I hope you can look past my exterior and see the bird inside. I want to be loved. Could you be that person?

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