Coco's Profile

I've been adopted!
  • Name: Coco
  • Species: Red Lored Amazon
  • Age: 45
  • Sex: Female
  • Health status: No known health concerns, but Coco does require regular beak trims from her veterinarian.
  • Flighted: Coco is flighted; however, she does not fly. She moves slowly and needs plenty of soft perches and play areas that are easy for her to use.

  • Well socialized: Coco can be shy in new situations. She takes time to warm up to new people and likes it when they give her the space to get used to them slowly. Coco enjoys hands-off interaction, especially singing and whistling. Once she has gotten to know someone, she will step up and enjoys gentle head scratches. Coco finds large toys frightening and prefers soft, lightweight paper toys.
  • Good with other birds: Coco is a mature and independent lady who doesn't mind other birds but is not interested in interacting or making friends.
  • Other Pets: Coco doesn't have much experience with non-bird family members. She is low-key and would appreciate only living with other animals that will respect that. She would prefer a home without high energy or very young dogs or cats.
  • Good with kids: Coco would prefer an adults-only home.
  • Diet: Coco is a healthy eater who eats pellets, healthy seeds and nuts well. She likes some fresh foods, mainly fruits. Her favourites at the moment are apples or grapes.
  • Bio: Coco likes to watch the action without being right in the thick of it. She enjoys playing on top of her cage and singing and whistling with her people. She needs plenty of downtime and would do best in a calm, relaxed home where she can be herself. Her ideal person has plenty of time to get to know her one on one and who is willing to take the time to build a relationship with her. Some parrot experience is ideal as Coco is an older lady who may need some accommodations in her housing and play areas to allow her to move around safely and comfortably.