Cleo's Profile

Open for adoption
  • Name: Cleo
  • Species: Indian Ringneck (Cremino)
  • Age: 5+ years ( Exact Age Unknown)
  • Sex: Female
  • Health status: No known health concerns.
  • Flighted: Yes!! Cleo is an excellent and avid flyer. She requires a home that is willing to keep her flighted at all times and can manage her safety while out. She must have access to safe areas out of the cage to fly, climb and play.

  • Well socialized: Cleo has taken a year to settle into life in the sanctuary. She is now extremely confident and outgoing! Cleo likes to hang out with her people and bird friends but may take time to warm up to the idea of cuddles. She plays well with various toys and especially loves her hanging play areas, including boings, swings and nets. Cleo is looking for a home that can provide a safe, large, and varied out-of-cage play area. Cleo sometimes shares a cage with Caspian; she also enjoys her independence and does have a cage of her own for when she's in the mood for some downtime.
  • Good with other birds: Cleo is used to living in a busy bird community. She is good with other birds of a similar size; however, she is fearless and requires supervision when out with others as she can be insistent regarding playtime and sharing of perches and play areas. She would do well in a multi-bird home, especially if given plenty of safe play areas and high perches.
  • Other Pets: Cleo is an extremely busy and active girl who loves to be out and is best suited to a home without any non-bird family members.
  • Good with kids: Cleo would prefer an adults-only home.
  • Diet: Cleo eats a healthy, varied diet of pellets, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables. Her favourite foods at the moment are peanuts and almonds.
  • Bio: Cleo would enjoy living in a fun and active household that can match her energy. She loves to be out and about, flying, playing, and exploring. Cleo currently shares her life part-time with Caspian but would also do well independently, living in a home with plenty to see and do. She is looking for a family that has plenty of time to devote to her enrichment, training and playtime, with space for her to show off her flight skills.