Cheeky's Profile

I've been adopted!
  • Name: Cheeky
  • Species: Green Cheek Conure
  • Age: ~12
  • Sex: Presumed female
  • Health status: No known health concerns.
  • Flighted: Yes. Cheeky flys exceptionally well and requires a home that commits to keeping her flighted and providing her with a safe space to fly every day.
  • Well socialized: Yes. Cheeky can be timid at first and may prefer to get to know new people from inside her cage. Once she is comfortable, though, she is outgoing and friendly and loves to ride around on your shoulder or atop your head. She enjoys gentle head scratches and soft cuddles from anyone she knows well.

  • Good with other birds: Yes! A gentle soul, Cheeky wants everyone to get along. She plays and interacts well and respectfully in a community of similarly sized birds and would do well in a multi bird home with other small gentle individuals. Supervision is necessary for a home with large parrots to keep safe. Cheeky would also thrive in a single bird home with a family with plenty of time to devote to her.
  • Other Pets: Cheeky loves to be out, and to explore her surroundings - especially the floor, so due to this and her small size, she needs a home with no dogs, cats, ferrets or other animals that may pose a risk to her.
  • Good with kids: Yes, Cheeky is happy to be friends with anyone. Supervision around young children is required to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.
  • Diet: Cheeky has a varied diet and eats her pellets well. Care must be taken to limit how many seeds and treats she gets so she doesn't fill up and ignore her healthier options. She enjoys fruits and vegetables, and her favourites at the moment include almonds, apples and oranges.
  • Bio: Cheeky is a sweet and friendly little lady who would love a family of her own. Once she gets to know someone, they will have a friend for life! She would be thrilled to live in a moderately active household with plenty of time for play, exploration, and one-on-one cuddles. Cheeky is relatively quiet and could live in an apartment. Her ideal home is one that can provide plenty of out-of-cage time, with safe spaces to explore, fly and play, and lots of attention from her humans.