Caspian's Profile

I'm ready for adoption

  • Name: Caspian
  • Species: Indian Ringneck
  • Age: Unknown
  • Sex: Presumed Male due to ring on his neck
  • Health status: No known health concerns
  • Good with kids: Unknown
  • Good with other birds: He gets along with most other birds but falls in love easy and can be a bit obsessive about it
  • Well socialized: Yes he easily goes to anyone who has treats and enjoys spending time with people.
  • Additional considerations: Caspian's lack of down and feathers make him a bit more vulnerable to injuries from others, e.g., (bite or scratch from another bird, animal or insect). His environment, e.g., (excess items/toys in his cage, making it more challenging to move around), as well as the elements, e.g., (temperature regulation, or direct sun). He isn't delicate it just means he isn't as protected as a fully feathered bird so please be mindful of this. It would be beneficial to become acquainted with broken blood feather management.
  • Bio: My name is Caspian. As a young bird, I had a rough start. To deal with my stress, fear and frustration, I continuously plucked my feathers to the point of permanent feather follicle damaged. Some of my tail and shoulder feathers do re-grow, but they are weak and can be easily damaged. My owner felt I’d be happier in a home that understood my needs better, found P.S. and asked them to take me in.

    I can be so sweet and enjoy it when you lovingly talk to me, I will make cute noises back. I may say a few words to you, but I'm timid as a talker, so please do not have speaking as an expectation of me. I like to have baths in a big dish of water, and I really really like treats. I’m not shy to express my feelings, so please respect my opinion when I give it.

    I need to be in a stimulating environment and worked with daily to learn how to focus my energy into playing with toys and foraging to better occupy my parrot mind. I need someone who will be kind, gentle and patient with me. I will always have a rough patchy look, but I hope you can look past my exterior and see the bird inside. I want to be loved. Could you be that person?

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