Captain Wiggles

Umbrella Cockatoo

Captain Wiggles's Profile

I'm ready for adoption!

  • Name: Captain Wiggles
  • Species: Umbrella Cockatoo
  • Age: ~25
  • Sex: Male
  • Health status: No known health concerns, however he does have one splayed leg. He does need some accommodations for mobility and balance
  • Good with kids: Captain loves everyone and is always happy to make new friends. Because of his size, he does need supervision with children at all times.
  • Good with other birds: Yes. He is used to living in a multi bird home, but he does appreciate having his own space and so should not be expected to share cages or play areas. He can be needy, so prefers his human time to be one on one.

  • Well socialized: Very. Captain is a sweet and loving guy who enjoying meeting new people and spending quality time with his family. He is a big cuddler and likes to be held and carried. While he will play independently on his cage, he will also climb down to the floor to follow his humans around, so he shouldn’t be left unsupervised.
  • Other Pets: Captain has an extreme phobia of dogs and cannot live in a home with dogs or other predatory species (cats, ferrets), or a home which has dogs come to visit. Any potential families must commit to maintaining a permanently dog free home for him.
  • Flighted: Captain cannot fly and needs a home that can keep him safe as he is walking and climbing around. He should be supervised when on a high play area, so he doesn’t become spooked and fall.
  • Diet: Captain loves all kinds of food and happily eats a mixture of pellets, nuts, healthy seeds, fresh fruit, vegetables and some cooked foods. He prefers to eat his pellets from a foraging toy. His favourites at the moment are pistachios and blueberries, and dry pasta
  • Bio: Captain is an extremely special bird who has had a challenging start in life. He does need some special accommodations in housing and lifestyle in order to keep him feeling happy, safe and secure. He would prefer a calm quiet household with a stable routine where his human family is home much of the time. He has strong opinions about bedtime, so he also needs a home able to provide a quiet sleeping environment. Captain can be quite loud at times, in particular when he feels anxious and so needs a family that will understand and work with him to meet his needs. He cannot live in an apartment or anywhere where noise may be a concern. Captain will only be available for adoption to families with some previous bird experience, cockatoo experience is preferred. If you think you might be able to provide the right home for this very special bird please fill out an adoption application or contact us for more details

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