Indian Ringneck

Blue's Profile

I'm ready for adoption!
  • Name: Blue
  • Species: Indian Ringneck
  • Age: 5
  • Sex: Male
  • Health status: No known health concerns, however some of his missing feathers may never grow in and so he does require that the temperature stays consistent and warm and that he is protected from drafts
  • Flighted: Yes! Blue flies very well and will follow his people as they go about their day. He requires a safe, secure environment to exercise his flight skills daily.
  • Well socialized: Yes, Blue is a sweet and engaging guy. He can be shy at first but as he warms up to people, he enjoys hanging out on shoulders and taking baths in the sink. He isn’t a cuddler but will sometimes accept gentle scratches on the head from his chosen people. He is very food motivated and will happily take treats gently even from new people.

  • Good with other birds: Yes, Blue gets along well with a group of easy going similar sized birds. He can sometimes get bullied by more territorial birds and so does need to have a safe perch or place to retreat to.
  • Other Pets: Blue has no experience with non bird family members and would prefer to live in a home without dogs or cats. Very quiet or senior dogs who are happy to ignore him may be ok.
  • Good with kids: Yes! Blue grew up with young children in his home and gets along well with people of all ages. He can be a bit insistent about food, and he prefers a calmer environment so care should be taken with very young children
  • Diet: Blue is a great eater! Like many Ringnecks he is not picky and will happily eat just about anything. He loves his pellets and chop, and his favorites are peanuts and blueberries.
  • Bio: Blue, sometimes affectionately known as Bluey or Blueberry, is a sweet and happy fellow. He went through a phase of being feather destructive due to stress and although he is no longer pulling his feathers, some may never grow back. He is beautiful just the way he is, and he knows it!! He would love a home that is moderately active with a family that wants to include him in all aspects of their daily life. He would do best in a home that has plenty of time to spend with him, and loves his busy and happy chatter! He needs a home committed to continuing to help him manage any stress and who will love him for who he is.