Buddy's Profile

I've been adopted!
  • Name: Buddy
  • Species: Lilac Crested Amazon
  • Age: 45
  • Sex: Male
  • Health status: No known health concerns.
  • Flighted: Buddy is flighted, fit and active. Although he prefers to walk and climb, he requires a home that is willing to keep him flighted and safe when he decides to stretch his wings.
  • Other Pets: Buddy would prefer any other pets in the home to keep their distance.

  • Well socialized: Buddy is a social and engaging fellow with lots to say and sing. He isn't into cuddles or scratches right now, but he will happily chat and whistle along with everyone. Buddy would like his humans to have lots of time with him, hanging out, watching TV or just relaxing. He likes to watch everything that's going on from atop his cage or play gym. He enjoys making his toys last and playing gently with them. Buddy needs a family that will keep his mind busy and engaged.
  • Good with other birds: Buddy likes living in a community, but he prefers not to have anyone else on top of his cage, although he likes to go and visit his neighbours (even when they wish he didn't). Buddy would do well in a multi-bird home, but he requires close supervision to keep him out of trouble. Buddy would also be happy as an only bird with a family who has lots of time for him.
  • Good with kids: Buddy can be protective of his cage and belongings and sometimes needs his personal space. Buddy would enjoy living with older children willing to have a hands-off relationship with him or in an adults-only home.
  • Diet: Buddy eats a healthy mix of pellets, nuts and a few seeds. He can be suspicious of new foods but enjoys fruit and some vegetables. He loves treats, and his current favourites are peanuts, almonds, and grapes.
  • Bio: Big Buddy would be best suited to a human family with some parrot experience, who understands that he is an independent man with strong opinions! Buddy would like a family that will respect his autonomy and don't pressure him for snuggles. He needs plenty to see and do at home; he enjoys treats, and needs space to move and explore and play. Buddy can be vocal at times and cannot live in an apartment.