Alex's Profile

I've been adopted!
  • Name: Alex
  • Species: Congo African Grey
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: Male
  • Health status: No known health concerns
  • Other Pets: Alex has experience living with dogs and is comfortable with them if they respect his space.
  • Flighted: Alex can fly and needs a home that can keep him safe when he does fly; however, he prefers to climb or walk most of the time.

  • Well socialized: Yes. Alex prefers hands-off interaction at this time and likes to take things slowly with new people. He enjoys treats and will take them politely and loves new toys, especially anything paper or easy to shred. A big active guy Alex needs a home that can provide him with plenty of space and a seemingly endless supply of destructible toys!
  • Good with other birds: Yes, he would prefer no one to land on his cage or play area. It is possible that he would safely share play gyms or exercise areas with supervision but needs his cage to be a space for just him.
  • Good with kids: Alex would enjoy interacting with children from a safe distance, including talking, singing, dancing and playing with toys, but no touching.
  • Diet: Alex loves all kinds of food and happily eats a mixture of pellets, nuts, healthy seeds, fresh fruit, vegetables and some cooked foods. His favourites at the moment are peanuts and broccoli.
  • Bio: Alex loves to be out, sitting on the door or the top of his cage, playing, chatting, or watching the world go by. He’s looking for a home with people willing to take things at his pace. Alex wants to get to know his new family slowly while still spending time just hanging out together. He would be happy in a moderately active or relaxed household with plenty of downtimes to get to know one another. Alex goes through toys quickly and likes to shred paper; he needs a home to understand and accept his happy mess and provide him with plenty to do.